actress based in nyc


Lucia Sawh

Moonchild ✺ ENFP ✺ Ravenclaw

half blade, half silk.

Hi, I’m Lucia (lu-sea-ah) Sawh (saw) — a Colombian and Guyanese actress based in New York City. Always the new girl, moving from state to state, I found solace in various forms of art throughout my childhood. With a passion for performance, I returned to New York to train and work as an actress, and graduated Terry Knickerbocker’s Mesiner Conservatory three-year program in 2018.

✺Currently represented by DDO Artists Agency✺

the rosey rose of my heart is a soul
when i feel it, it is beating fast
but when i die
the rosey rose of my heart
will still be beating ♡

—Lucia, age 6